Media Relations

Press release:  We can write and distribute a press release announcing your event, campaign, study results or key issue.

Our press releases are distributed by fax and email and go to more than 3000 Canadian media individuals and outlets, and more than 2000 US and UK media. We also contact key media personnel by telephone and through face-to-face interviews.

We also target key decision-makers in governments (policy people, regional, provincial and federal departments), and other like-minded organizations and individuals who can help with your efforts and aims.

QUOI has secured articles for our clients in all major Canadian newspapers, major TV and radio stations, and a variety of magazines and journals, including international coverage.

Press management: We can oversee the press relations for your organization on a day-to-day basis or for a particular event.

Press spokesperson: We can act as a spokesperson for your organization or event, and field all media interviews on your behalf.

Press advice and seminars: We can assess your media needs and give you important tips for making the most of your media opportunities. We offer personal and group seminar sessions and media workshops.


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